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  1. Patrick.'s Avatar
    Ya here's ur most favorite song Friday

    Linked removed didnt work

    Dont give me that look you no you love it >,<
  2. Voltare's Avatar
    Happy birthday Rebecca!
  3. Fawne's Avatar
    Aweee :D Thanks a ton!
  4. Aaron's Avatar
    I've been playing Age of Mythology on and off since 2005. xD
    I know exactly what you mean, lol.
  5. adiw's Avatar
    That happens to me with a lot of games. Play, have fun, get bored, take a break, play, have fun...
  6. Aaron's Avatar
    I was there for part of GH.

    I wasn't big on the game as time progressed though, I think after all this time I might enjoy it again, who knows.
  7. adiw's Avatar
    You haven't played since '09? That would be hard for me.

    Also, there is a free preview of GH from Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town that you might want to see.
  8. Dots's Avatar
    lol, join the club ;D
    I don't even want to think about how much hw i have o; I can't wait for finals, because then at least i will only have to study and not write up reports and such >.<
  9. adiw's Avatar
    The cure is to just do what you need to do even more than you would do if you didn't feel you were lazy.
  10. $eth's Avatar
    I wanna go!! Lucky duck :D.
  11. Kane Giantblood's Avatar
    Exciting :3.
  12. Blood Princess's Avatar
    It doesn't on mine o.o Strange find though lol. YAY! PEOPLE SHALL CONVERT TO W101.- I don't think thats a very good thing.
  13. fireman11's Avatar
    i dont get it
  14. Aaron's Avatar
    You're right, not a fluke at all. I decided to click on the link, and it's an odd page I must say; smart advertising though. Here's the main content of it.

    We think you'll also enjoy Wizard101 because of the following features:
    An Online, Magical Adventure
    Wizard School MMO Game
    Six worlds to explore
    Seven Schools of Magic
    Collectible Card Magic
    Stunning, Fantasy Art
    Wizard Duels
    Tips for All Magic Types
    Hundreds of Different Spell Variations

    Toontown can be a lot of fun! Wizard101 also has lots of great games features. Toontown has interesting game features that have been very successful. This game gives players a unique experience with excitement. A Toontown game lets you experience Toontown in a whole new way. If you like a Toontown games, we think you will also enjoy Wizard101.
    Only you can save Wizard City!

    See the game at
  15. Potroast42's Avatar
    Really cool - and its not a fluke... Same thing happens for me.
  16. Scot's Avatar
    srsly xD Aaron' you didnt notice that lol i am jk i kinda didnt notice that also
  17. Voltare's Avatar
    I live in the state where Columbine happened. I didn't get a day off though... lol
  18. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Hey! The words are in French! =D
    I actually understood some of it!
  19. Johnny's Avatar
    You pretty much nailed it!
    I cant wait to see what happens.
  20. Aaron's Avatar
    It was complicated for me, lol.

    Pretty disappointing too for the wipe to take place the day I finally reached Marleybone. LOL
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