Paige MoonShade Wizard Thoughts

  1. Wysteria Furniture I would love to have.

    by , 6-22-12 at 8:02:10 PM (Paige MoonShade Wizard Thoughts)
    The painting Dolly Salvador is painting. Maybe animated?
    Blue velvet chairs and sofas
    Any of the furniture inside the dormitory beds tables, ect , there are some really great planted ferns in that room too.
    There is a kraken fountain Where the kraken head is on the wall and the fountain comes out further in the area of the schools.
    The pillars from inside the schools.
    Bookcases full of books
    Food sacks for Pegasus
    Ivy for walls
  2. Night Before a Wizard Christmas

    by , 12-23-11 at 7:33:35 AM (Paige MoonShade Wizard Thoughts)
    It was the night before a Wizard Christmas,
    when all through the spiral,
    Not a wizard was battling, it was rather quite frightful.
    All the of spiral houses were decorated with care,
    All hoping Felix Navidad would soon be there.

    The wizards were tucked all warm in their beds,
    While dreams of pets danced in their heads.
    And Greyrose with her wand and Ambrose with his staff,
    While Cyrus was complaining about a classroom draft.
  3. The Wizard101 Decorator

    by , 8-22-11 at 7:44:52 PM (Paige MoonShade Wizard Thoughts)
    The Wizard101 Decorator

    Was the end of House-a-Palooza, all young wizards scramble about

    All trying to get the best bargain no doubt;

    From the bazaar to shops ,decorators are in such a delight;

    All were trying to get their houses just right,

    From floors to walls to even the smallest spaces;

    Each item all put in their perfect places,

    Wait! these colors don't match, this sofa is to big, ...
  4. Happy Holidays to all of Wizard101 Central.

    by , 12-3-10 at 7:22:18 AM (Paige MoonShade Wizard Thoughts)
    Wishing all a safe and Happy Holiday season. May your days be full of magic and fun.
  5. Monster Mash - Groovie Goolies

    by , 10-30-10 at 7:39:10 AM (Paige MoonShade Wizard Thoughts)

    Have a safe and Happy Halloween.
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