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  1. Boyfriend is home ♥ Thank you.

    by , 9-15-12 at 2:11:39 PM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    [CENTER][COLOR=Black][[I]I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose[/I] [I]fire away, fire away[/I] [I]ricochet, you take your aim[/I] [I]fire away, fire away[/I] [I]you shoot me down, but I won't fall[/I]. [I]I am titanium[/I]][/COLOR]

    [quote][COLOR=Black][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=2]Okay, hey guys, I need some help.

    So, my boyfriend just called me and told me that he's going to the hospital, like right now... He's in marching band (tuba) and was having stomach pain while ...
  2. High School! :D

    by , 8-28-12 at 1:10:06 PM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    Hey guyzzz :)
    I know I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to say good luck to everyone starting school, whether you've started already, or not. (:
    I start high school tomorrow, so I'm super pumped!! :D

    Also, I got my braces off yesterday! ^^ My teeth feel like heaven, but my gums feel all slimy xD I get a retainer today(:

    Thanks for reading!(: ♥
  3. Thunder o;

    by , 4-28-11 at 8:30:26 AM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    Wow! So here, I woke up, and there is huge thunder and lightning! It freaked me out the first time! Lolz

    And now, it's raining in sheets! And I have a big, outdoor camp this weekend!

    EDIT:: Now it's sunny! O= Wacky Canadian weather..........

  4. Storm & Balance = <3

    by , 4-17-11 at 8:44:51 PM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    Hey peoples!

    So, about 2 weeks ago, I started leveling my Storm wizard, Cori Stormblossom, with my brother's fire, Chase Sunspear =D
    Currently, I am level 21 and in the Krokosphinx... I've done most of the sides, excluding Sunken City and Colossus Boulevard. I also cheated a bit and went to MB to do the Regants Square sides.

    Now, to my Balance wizz xD. My new balance wizard's name is Taylor Hexblossom! x] I'm lvling her with my brother's Death (Tarlac Darkweaver) ...
  5. Diary of a Wizard Mount Contest!

    by , 4-1-11 at 10:27:06 AM (Thoughts of Sn♥w's (=^.^=))
    Hi guys (=

    As most of you know, KingIsle gave it's favorite fansites 15 Permanent mounts of give away! Each! So, Diary of a Wizard has 15 Permanent Sea Turtles to give away! You could be it's next awesome owner!

    You can see all of the fansites with contests at [URL=""]this link[/URL] (=

    Good luck everyone!
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