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My life isn't perfect and I don't expect my virtual reality to be any better. Chaos is beautiful because life is chaos. This virtual reality in a magical land in a universe of chaos makes the real world disappear in the story line of make believe. My poetry, my life, my virtual reality, is here. And sometimes, just maybe I'll post the endless thoughts about how or why things are the way they are. My philosophy isn't always accurate but that makes my chaotic mindset beautiful. On the white pages of this blog it's all there everything that anyone needs to know about Gothgirl.

"Art in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of the chaos." - Stephen Sondheim[/CENTER]

  1. Valerian SeaSong - Day 6

    by , 9-2-15 at 9:23:44 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    With one of the special Wizard Anniversary events going on, I took Valerian to defeat Spellwrit Screamers. I got some interesting treasure cards and other gear drops from them. While fighting monsters on Triton Avenue, someone named Jasmine, a level 21 Ice Wizard showed and offered up help. I sadly enough defeated the monster right as she asked even though it's easier to fight them with more than one person to gather up more monsters.

    I play on the Scarecrow Realm and I feel like I ...
  2. Valerian SeaSong- Day 5

    by , 8-29-15 at 5:12:42 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I'm starting to experience the deathly accuracy of storm spells while fighting in Golem Tower. If I can just get my hands on better gear with better accuracy it won't be so bad. I found a dragon with May Cast Sprite in my shared bank which has helped this royal pain of a tower. The lowest amount I have reached is 45 in this tower. I need to find some people willing to mix pets with me and fast.

    I died once trying to get to the Iron Golem, I must say this is the funnest thing going for ...
  3. Valerian SeaSong - Day 4

    by , 8-26-15 at 1:09:11 AM (Beautiful Chaos)
    This is exciting news, I'm working on my Halloween costumes early on all my wizards. As the semester wears on I won't have enough time to do anything until last minute for all my characters. Before I go onto explain my Halloween costume ideas for my wizards I shall introduce... [insert drum roll here]

    Valerian SeaSong!

    This is my new and improved Storm Wizard. He is currently level 5. I have finished up Unicorn Way and then it will be time for Golem Tower! In one of my ...
  4. Jason LifeSong - Day 3

    by , 8-22-15 at 10:37:40 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    Jason LifeSong, is my life wizard, I know I'm so original. I worked on this character a little bit last night. He is named Jason because it means healing and warrior in Greek mythology. He has a Life Minotaur named Baby Simbah.

    I'm working on finishing up Wizard City up to Firecat Alley on all my noobs so I can focus on Gardening, Pets, and Fishing. I'm going to take notes here too so I can remind myself of my goals and such. Sorry guys I'm a Crowns Player and I hope you guys don't ...
  5. Kieran MoonStone - Day 2

    by , 8-21-15 at 8:40:41 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I eventually completed Golem Tower, it took 3 tries but I eventually got a rhythm down. Today I unlocked the Pet Pavilion (as if this doesn't happen to everyone). I maxed out my Desert Beasts's Strength attributes. He is an adult Desert Beast named King Samson. His current abilities include Balance Ward and Dogged (a selfish talent). He needs work but my character is level 8. I just need something for now regardless of the stats. I am wrapping up Triton Avenue side quests, and moving onto FireCat ...

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