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  1. My friend dubstep keeps dropping that bass D:<

    by , 9-14-11 at 9:39:08 PM (Blog of a Musical Conjurer)
    Lol hey fellow bloggers, this is your Musical Conjurer here with some 'interesting' tunes for you .

    As many of you may or may not know, Dubstep is a type of remix in which a very low bass is dropped so that it could make a virtually big beat.

    Do any of you know the song "Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo?
    If so, then half of you probably know the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.

    Well, i've been youtube surfing and I happened to stumble

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  2. Bleh....

    by , 9-13-11 at 10:31:07 PM (Blog of a Musical Conjurer)
    Today, i wont be giving much of a descrpition cause for one...its 9:30 at night -.-.

    Any ways here is a song video of a band called the ready set. (old Song btw)

    Love Like Woe by The Ready Set:

    Hope yah enjoy the song :3...til' next time


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  3. My heart is beating notes today :3

    by , 9-12-11 at 7:11:35 PM (Blog of a Musical Conjurer)
    Hey you guys, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.
    Hope you guys gave to time remember those who perished for our lifes on 9|11.
    My Heart goes out to their families

    On a brighter note, I have another song for you guys to check out and honestly, i'm diggin' this one XD.

    If you guys know Travis McCoy, who also made the song billionaire, his group 'Gym Class Heros' teamed up with the lead singer of Maroon5, Adam Levine, To make a wonderful pop song called

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  4. Get rdy to be on the 'Edge' of your seat

    by , 9-9-11 at 9:08:53 PM (Blog of a Musical Conjurer)
    Hi and welcome bloggers to another dose of music :3

    Today I'm going to show you a song you might already know.
    Its from our favorite She-Beast, Gaga :3

    Her song 'Edge of Glory' is unlike most of her songs.
    This and Born this way, are one of her inspirational songs.

    Edge of Glory By Lady Gaga:

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  5. My Blog :3

    by , 9-8-11 at 4:36:30 PM (Blog of a Musical Conjurer)
    This blog is for the musically enchanted (and I say that with my heart).
    I'll be posting (occationally) a new song to check out every day, so come back daily for a dose of music :P .

    Today, we got a song for your best pop up RnB Artist, Adele
    Her new song 'Someone Like You', that debued at the VMA's and so far, is a top hit in the genres.

    Someone Like You, Adele:

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