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  1. hothot223's Avatar
    Well i thought the trial was pretty cool
  2. Domo's Avatar
    No monay? Not to mean but I have like 200 bucks..... if I get the bundle I can let you see it or let you ride the 2 passenger mount if it makes ya feel better lolz. Well good luck finding 40 bucks....
  3. Eevee918's Avatar
    well I posted a picture. XD. Also, it's not a number it's a LINK XD
  4. ~Frostbite~'s Avatar
    I called the # but it didn't work! O: lolz need another hug? And surprisingly I wasn't mentioned in this post.. hehe
  5. Blue Panda's Avatar
    Ooh, I'd love to come to your loft!
  6. ~Frostbite~'s Avatar
    That was a rather strange trial... 0_o
  7. Allerielle's Avatar
    Congratulations on the pet drop! Sorry you didnt get what you were looking for from the Tower. And I wish you luck on getting the talents you want from your new pet.
  8. ~Frostbite~'s Avatar
    I want a Life scarab... >.<