1. Lil Noob Wiz

    It's been a long time since I have updated this blog lol.

    Hi there, I have returned. It's been a while. But thanks to the world right now, I have a lot of free time. Now is a bad time to be a new college grad, but I'll figure it out eventually. But until then, we game.

    Things are a lot different now, both with the game and this forum. I started playing this game in 2009. I was in fifth/sixth grade. A lot of time has passed, so naturally a lot of faces I used to know are ...
  2. Small Update for Myself

    So, I'm back! (Again)

    Kris is leveling through Polaris at a slow and steady pace. I'm actually leveling with a longtime friend which makes it fun. Thanksgiving break is fast approaching, so I'm hoping to make some progress (or even finish) Polaris in time for Mirage's release.
    Miranda, my fire, is flying through Avalon. I forgot how pretty that world was, minus all the bosses. If I could go back to like 2009, I'd make Kris a fire wizard, it's so much more fun than life.
  3. Update After Almost 2 Years?

    Here's to nobody knowing/remembering me haha. I haven't updated my blog since 2014 so I figured I'd post so I can look back at these years down the road and cringe at myself (which I'm doing right now, because god I was such a kid and trying to be like an adult but I clearly wasn't).

    I finally got around to starting Polaris, I enjoy it so far, just wish I had more time to do it. The fact that I'm also trying to do it with my best friend makes it even harder since we have to coordinate ...
  4. Random

    I had the random urge to update :)

    -Miranda, my fire wizard, is level 68 in Zafaria. Woo!
    -Kristen finally got a decent pet! Spritely, unicorn, proof and defy.

    Kristen (Life) also needs to do Castle Darkmoor at some point but I'm afraid to team up. I was able to pull it off with the first two dungeons but I doubt it with this one.
    Most of my old friends quit and the ones that didn't don't have subscriptions. It's so sad and I have no one to do dungeons with. ...
  5. -Insert Clever Title Here-


    You know what I don't understand, guys? Myself ahaha.

    My cat is insane. But she's my best friend too. <3 You guys wanna meet her!? She always insists on sitting on my lap when I'm in a sitting position of any kind..

    I had this site open on my laptop when I took this picture, lololol. That's Petunia. Now you guys all probably think I'm some crazy cat lady. xD THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

    [IMG] ...
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