1. Stolen

    1. favourite colour?
    Silver & Blue
    2. favourite quote?
    Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. -James Dean
    3. favourite smell?
    Definitely not my dogs after a bath.
    Okokok fresh laundry.
    4. favourite animal?
    5. favourite season?
    6. favourite tv show?
    Game of Thrones/True Blood/Newsroom/Modern Family
    7. favourite book?
    8. favourite song?
    Anything by RHCP ...

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  2. A Duelist's Manifesto

    Where do I start? Okay, guess I will address the 7566 rank on my storm Dylan. I got this back in fall of 2009. I dueled with him all throughout the previous summer. Back in the day, storm was my school of choice. By the time fall came around, my storm's rank was already tipping the 3500 mark. I mostly stayed in teams, and with that the obscene amount of rank came from the -1 bug. Still, though my ego likes to speak for itself, I won a few 2v2 tournaments with my storm and life partner. I have won ...

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  3. Leaderboard

    Well, I thought I would care less when the update happened, but the exact opposite occurred. I am I think 29 atm on the leaderboard. Not impressed with myself, but it's definitely a start. I am on there with my death wizard Dylan. He will be up to level 50 to suit up in the full gear. The questing is just dragging on, but I'm trying to rush through it. I have some friends in the top ten to get chasin

    Oh right real life, midterms and car shopping this weekend. Always exciting. I got ...
  4. Finally

    Okay hi guys... two years later.

    I finally fixed my blog and some annoying Halloween image it had on as a repeated background? Don't know.

    Anyways... nothing new in life. I got into mid level dueling in the recent months, now that's all I want to play. I prefer my death or balance, but I'm planning on making a new ice soon and have a fire currently in the works. Oh, and when I say "currently in the works" it actually means I'm really lazy and will get to it when ...
  5. Pet Hatching Help

    My thread is getting quite long. I have more and more generous members stepping forward to offer their pets to anyone and everyone. With that being said, I needed to take some information out and put it in my blog. Here are some pointers for those trying to be successful pet hatchers in the central community.

    I have noticed people have two or even one good talent on a pet already (for example, Spritely and Proof or just Spritely) and they are looking for the extra few talents. The ...

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