Misadventures of me questing my wizards.

  1. The Nightmares of Questing #2 Death

    Yes, another blog post to do with questing. More specifically, a death wizard.
    Somehow, I have doubt that anyone would really be interested enough to read this, but yet I am still typing up this blog post.

    If you haven't already, you might want to read the first one by clicking

    Last time, my death achieved level 42, finished Mooshu, finished Grizzleheim, just beginning Wintertusk.

    This time, my death had gotten to grandmaster, level 50. I finished ...

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  2. The Nightmares of Questing #1 Death

    Once upon a time, I made a level 10 death wizard. I created said death wizard as a experiment. "I wonder if I can get commander in PvP using this strategy!" I thought that day.

    I did indeed get commander, thus proving the strategy effective. Then I never touched the wizard again, it was merely a experiment of strategy...

    Except after long months of never touching the death wizard, I did.

    I was extremely bored. I was procrastinating on both Khrysalis ...

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