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  1. It's been a while...

    Hey guys, it's uh.... been a while? I'm not sure why I'm even writing this. No one looks at my profile, hardly even my blog at all.
    But anyway, I still play W101, not much, but I still do on occasion.
    And uh... I got Guild Wars 2 to work...
    I've also grown out of LoL, I don't play anymore. Even if I still like Veigar and Teemo.
    I want to change my username now, since I don't play anymore. But alas I don't have the forum gold.
  2. Awkward

    Well, this is a little weird...
    my wizard101 has been laggy lately.
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    And soooo. Kingsisle has announced that you can ride mounts indoors now!
    ~sarcasm alert~
  3. Pirate101 Here We Go!

    Been leveling up my pirate on P101. Only level 22 so far, I didn't play it much when it came out, although I DID get the Boochebeard's bundle. So I guess I have some pretty rare things from that one bundle.
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