1. some quick updates

    this will be a very brief explanation of what's happening in my life and why i'm being extremely inactive. just in case anybody cares.

    i got a tumblr! and that's the main reason i don't go on central anymore, i'll pm my blog to anybody if they want, if they want to stay in touch. i also feel central is a little pointless if i don't play w101 or p101 anymore, i don't understand much of it all. i'll come on now and again to see if i've got any notifications, or just to see how you're ...
  2. mostly boring

    hey look. it's autumn now. i like autumn. autumn is cool.
    british way of fall. much prettier word.
    i'm finally blogging! after about...3 drafts of this blog post all deleted, yay fun.

    in other news, wE GOT AN AIR DATE FOR SHERLOCK S3 OMG YES. jan 19, and that's for america and i'm not sure of the british air date yet. i'm not ready, the fandom's not ready and i'm not sure if we'll ever be ready. i'll get my shock blanket.
    and i started watching supernatural! found
  3. life + quiz

    (so this is that quiz from emmy, and her original post can be found here, so credit to her and whatnot)
    what are you wearing?
    still in school uniform because just got back from school and i don't like getting changed when i get back.
    2: ever been in love?
    3: ever had a terrible breakup?
    4: how tall are you?
    5"5 but still got a lot of growing.
    5: how much do you weigh?
    6: any tattoos do you want?

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  4. graphics maybe again perhaps and other stuff

    heyo! it's friday again, which means blog time. i may make this every two weeks someday but oh well.

    i've gotten a bit more into graphics, but i still won't be opening a shop or anything because i really hated when i did have one open -
    Name:  rsz_sherlocksig2-2_edited-1.jpg
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    Name:  darkanimegirlsig_edited-1.jpg
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    i really didn't like how that last one turned out, i did do another one but photoshop elements died on me before i could save it.
    feedback appreciated as always. ...
  5. i'll be in my mind palace

    i think i'm going to make blogging a weekly thing, to try to be a little more even...

    before you read this, watch this -


    well, i'm back from london! i actually got back a few days ago, since i only went for a day. oh well. nothing too exciting really, i went on the train but there were no seats so i stood up the whole time. i was luckily able to get a seat on the way ...
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