1. Fresh New Fire Wizard

    Feeling pretty good for about my fire wiz I started last week:

    My goal is get the senator robe switched for zeus robe and then reach lvl 33 and maybe enter some pvp tourneys.
  2. PVP Mask!

    This is a completely pointless post probably, but I decided to enter one of the free tourneys today (3v3) and had a great time and made new friends with the people on my team. We placed 2nd and I had enough tickets to finally buy that Deulist's hat I've been wanting since I first started this game for stitching. :D

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    Hopefully ill ill have time for a few more tourneys to get rest of the Deulist's gear. I love the appearance of it and tourneys ...
  3. Taylor Hawkthorn

    I feel compelled to post progress on my Wizard so YAY time for some blog posting.

    First Up, Here's my Wizard:

    And stats as of right now:

    I'm also feeling pretty good with my Badge Progress:

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