Confessions of a Masked Dreamer

I've been prowling in the Spiral for 6 years...but who am I?

  1. Leisure reading

    by , 1-23-14 at 5:25:40 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Ever had one of those moments when you feel like reading for leisure but have to read chapters from a textbook for a class? I do.

    I'm currently on my third day of school and I already feel like reading some of my mom's old fantasy books she gave me last year. I don't know why I didn't have this feeling before in winter break. (I guess it's just from being lazy that time, or I really got burnt out from studying.)

    Every time I'm at school, I get bored enough to read anything ...
  2. One week closer to school.

    by , 1-13-14 at 3:10:01 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    School is starting next week. Trying to get my my tuition paid today, and maybe buy books if my instructors send the syllabus early. I plan to go back to early bedtime schedule as well for the rest of this week.

    While I have the free time to play W101, I'm trying to outgrow my KP and RBP garden and farm enough stuff at Halfang to hit the max gold limit. I can't quite play as often since many of the past classes require all of my time for studying, but luckily I can still keep in touch ...
  3. Breaking the Silence--'14

    by , 1-12-14 at 1:17:19 AM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Hello, fellow Centralians,

    This is The Lone Ninja Escapist here, or Sarah BattleThief if you know me in-game. As you can tell, this is my first post for my new blog. I've decided to start a blog in the beginning of 2014--it's kind of my new year's resolution but I'm not all that hyped about those anymore.

    I would like to take this moment to share the reason for this blog. I have been a long-time Central member and Wizard101 player. At this moment, I am a Grandmaster Poster ...

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