Confessions of a Masked Dreamer

I've been prowling in the Spiral for 6 years...but who am I?

  1. Ninja Gear Problems

    by , 8-25-14 at 11:44:29 AM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    During the last weeks of my summer I have been hunting for new clothes to upgrade my ninja gear. I still cannot find any clothes that fit with the traditional ninja theme. So far, I made a list of robes that I found that seemed notable for the ninja look.

    • Mooshu Samurai robe - This is my beginning (and current) outfit for my Wizard, ironically. The armor works for signifying her preparedness for battle, but the flag is a no-no when it comes to stealth. I also have the Oyoroi samurai

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  2. Storming Mt. Olympus

    by , 8-21-14 at 10:16:51 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    A whole year has gone by and we've finally found the opportunity to enter the land of The Immortals. Thanks to the scouts stationed in Cyclops Lane, I've received news that the barrier that keeps the uninvited from accessing Apollo's Chariot is diminishing, thereby allowing about anyone to easily bypass it.

    As we had prepared for this moment I was to be disguised as another Ravenwood student riding the Chariot to Aquila while the agents took cover in my backpack readying for my orders. ...

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  3. "Isn't something missing?"

    by , 4-21-14 at 6:18:57 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    So recently I discovered Nightcore on Youtube which were songs that are sped-up in melody and were usually higher pitched than the original songs they were taken from. I was listening to my favorite songs last Saturday to see how good they were until I stumbled upon Evanescence. I wasn't too surprised that my favorite artist has been Nightcored and checked out some of the songs.

    Shortly, I came to one of the songs I haven't listened to since high school, "Missing". Now the ...

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  4. So close...

    by , 4-5-14 at 11:57:58 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    So this morning I was farming Waterworks when my mom wanted my sis and me to do the dirty dishes. We had separated tasks so I was first to do my half--putting the dishes away into the kitchen cabinets and the dishwasher--then my sis had to wash the pots and pans. I had to pull myself away from the computer in the middle of fighting Sylster, and while I was working on the dishes my sister took the chair in front of the screen.

    While doing the dishes and keeping an eye on the monitor, ...
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  5. Pet Project Planning

    by , 3-25-14 at 6:32:49 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Today I forgot my work laptop for school so I could only work on one of my schoolwork assignments since the school computers don't have an Adobe Flash player installed for me to do online homework. This gave me the opportunity to start planning my pet project, and boy did I have a lot of ideas!

    I composed an Excel file with the pets, talents and calculations to keep references of. I kinda want to keep the pet's talents a secret for now, but I can list their project names:

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