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  1. To my Friends and Acquaintances...

    by , 5-21-17 at 11:33:28 AM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Hey, this is Sarah BattleThief. Just want to let you all know that I'm still regularly active in Wizard101 and haven't fallen off the face of the Spiral!

    I've recently gone invisible after hearing news about the new chat system automatically sending out warnings and mutes for safe words from the filter. I'm not one to take these incidents lightly, so to protect mine and other people's accounts, I have decided to remove myself from all activities that require player interaction like ...

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  2. Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

    by , 10-22-14 at 10:09:26 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Hello my fellow Centralians, I'm finally back with an actual update about what's happening on my end. Before I get to what's going on this week, let me tell you about what happened today.

    I woke up at 2am to work on accounting homework because I remembered last night that I was supposed to be assigned it yesterday (and it was due tonight), and I couldn't sleep without worrying about the work. So I made some good progress on the homework and noticed it was going to be 4 'o clock, right ...
  3. The Monster is Coming...

    by , 10-1-14 at 9:06:00 AM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Not feeling like myself this month. The monster inside of me smelled the coming of the October and I don't know how long I can control it.

    In case I ever lose to its hunger for mischief, tell Malorn Ashthorn...


    On her last breath, the masked wizard felt a dizzying sensation weight against her head and despite her effort to fight it, it drew her down to the floor, knocking a nearby candle off its holder. Before its flame extinguished, ...
  4. How do YOU quest?

    by , 3-6-14 at 5:26:26 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    My response in Sabri's "How do YOU quest?" thread found here.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Lone Ninja Escapist View Post
    Well for me I strap on gear with the most universal resistance--my full Jade Gear set--and equip athames and rings that provide the big incoming heal boosts. I use my Ice Elf who has 13% spell proof and defy and a little Sharp Shot bonus. The wand I use varies by the school of the mobs I'm facing.

    I quest whenever I feel like it--specifically when I am not expecting to do anything irl for about a couple
  5. Leisure reading

    by , 1-23-14 at 5:25:40 PM (Confessions of a Masked Dreamer)
    Ever had one of those moments when you feel like reading for leisure but have to read chapters from a textbook for a class? I do.

    I'm currently on my third day of school and I already feel like reading some of my mom's old fantasy books she gave me last year. I don't know why I didn't have this feeling before in winter break. (I guess it's just from being lazy that time, or I really got burnt out from studying.)

    Every time I'm at school, I get bored enough to read anything ...
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