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  1. To Zafaria!

    I finally finished Celestia (thank goodness!) and am starting Zafaria.
    Many activities, especially school, interfered with my social life-but now I can spend much more time on this wonderful game again.
    I just realized that I don't have a very effective deck, so I'm going to spend some time fixing that up along with my stats.
    It's nice to be back!
  2. Downloading Fonts Guide

    All credit goes to Amour. I learned how to download fonts with this guide so I thought that I should show it in my blog to help any blog-readers who have an interest in this stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by [/COLOR
    Hi all! This is one of my biggest FAQs, and something I see a lot of people have trouble with or don't know how to do. Downloading fonts and brushes into Gimp. I thought it was about time I made a guide on it.

    Alright first, I would highly

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