Because I Want To Talk About It

Title says it all.

  1. Withdraw From Hockey

    by , 7-10-14 at 12:43:07 AM (Because I Want To Talk About It)
    So I got it to hockey. This wasn't the standard kind of oh I like it this is fun. No, this was the kind of like that made me stay up at night watching the game and being extremly thrilled or upset the next day. Now its been about a month since off season and i NEED to watch it. I need a new game to watch.
  2. bbc is evil

    by , 2-27-13 at 4:03:58 PM (Because I Want To Talk About It)
    I already love BBC for Doctor Who, but recently Kat got me hooked on Sherlock. "Study in Pink" still is my favorite. The episode itself is just full of mysteries and whatnot. I quite like it. A lot. lol
    Then I watched the last episode when he jumps/falls. Or whatever. meh.
    Anyway,WHAT THE HECK MAN, how did he do that. D;

    i think i knowww. cos im cool c:

    1. If you remember Sherlock said to Molly "All I need is you."
    2. Right

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  3. graphically confused

    by , 1-3-13 at 1:49:26 AM (Because I Want To Talk About It)
    Hey there guys so I don't want to make a thread bout this but I'm stuck.
    I have Photoshop Elements 9, and have no clue how to use it. I was hoping you guys would sent me a link if you knew a really fantastic guide for this version of Photoshop. I've looked all over and can't seem to find one.


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  4. The Hunt Is On!

    by , 12-30-12 at 2:44:05 AM (Because I Want To Talk About It)
    Spending family time with Kat the bestest sis ever, I come across this post about the ghost girl. This got me got so excited I started doing some research
    Video's pic's and threads is all we have to see her/him were just sitting here waiting for her/him. personally think that this is a hacker i mean really a bug would not talk to you it might send you though. I'm posting this because i'm hoping that one of the hackers people will see this and come visit us. Beacuse after all who you going ...
  5. Childish things..

    by , 12-28-12 at 1:20:32 AM (Because I Want To Talk About It)
    Hola me amigos,

    Fun journey today in the Commons.. I was waiting for Kat to be done blogging, so standing there minding my own business, up comes this girl with a white main colored and red for a trim robe. She ran up to me so naturally I'm like..
    She kept on telling me I need to change my colors because that red was her color and she owned copyright over all red things.
    That's ironic because I JUST changed my name to Red. Hehe..x:


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