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  1. Twilight Princess's Avatar
    Ok who drained the lake? O. O
  2. Fishy356's Avatar
    I play wizard101 a lot
  3. Fishy356's Avatar
    Wow that is wierd
  4. Kylebloodblade's Avatar

    I guess the folks at KI can't count because while 7 + 12 = 19, starting with the 7th and going to the 19th, is 13 days.

    A bad luck number if ever I heard one.
  5. hunterlane62's Avatar
    Gosh. Unbelievable. PVP is ruined forever. Nice knowing ya
  6. Lady Joo's Avatar

    hey Michael! Sry for late replay lol I am trying to catch you on Bazaar with y balance but you are too fast in switching realms XD

    That sooo awesome from you, what are you doing for this community, its amazing!
    Btw whats up with yours PM & VM? I hope its nothing bad

    I hope i catch up with you soon Gotta see that awesome GH house of yours XD
  7. Party Poison's Avatar
    I'm gonna try and get it.
  8. Mikey.'s Avatar
    Winners announced. Check the links in the entry
  9. Lady Joo's Avatar
    I have to see it XD
    Although I am not at all glitch fan ( dunno why to be honest lol), the way I see your house is put ... well my jaw drop lol.
    I like to see great space use combine with glitches. That makes it perfect and thats why i like your pictures of it.

    I have no doubt that other rooms/spaces will be greatly decorated, looking forward to see that.
  10. Mikey.'s Avatar
    Thanks Lady Joo. Yes the GH house will forever be my favorite out of all the houses in W101 although it lacks an arena. There's just so much to it, I feel its one of the best made houses in the game. Yeah I felt crafting it was a challenge too mostly because it was the first massive recipe I ever had to make. I made it when it first came out so I was a bit nooby which made it take a little longer lol. I have a lot more rooms to put up I'll be sure to keep working on this entry
  11. Lady Joo's Avatar
    Ah the wonderful crafted Gh house, my favorite!
    To me that one was somehow harder to craft then my Cl one XD
    Michael that is one great job ya did with it!
    I need to follow ya tips :D
    My house looks sooooo much different then yours XD
  12. Mikey.'s Avatar
    Sure thing. Let me know if anyone else needs one, I have 4 left.
  13. TheGinelleWind's Avatar
    Hey, i need one if you can please I'm on now
  14. Soph's Avatar
    Yay can't wait to get on this weekend! Thanks for the update!!!
  15. feter8155's Avatar
    enter me please
  16. Autumn Ice's Avatar
    eh i'll just do it by the sink xD interesting idea tho lol
  17. Mikey.'s Avatar
    Lol I wanted to make one that stood out from the rest. It was meant to be insanely weird but helpful at the same time!
    Srsli try it, it works amazing.
  18. Soph's Avatar
    This is the weirdest blog post I've seen from you lol. It's actually a good idea! When I went to the dentist recently, they weren't really liking what they were looking at so I'll try that for now. Thanks :P
  19. Fearless's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sophia Lifecaster
    I never thought about that before but it's a great idea! People might say that if KI did that, they would need a whole other group of employees to moderate it. If that's the problem, probably it should be that you can't open chat in the note?

    I'm trying to think of ways it could work out but not sure. Other then that, great idea and I hope KI takes it into consideration.
    I think the best idea to keep things from being turned horrific, is making a set of menu chat things you can put. There wouldn't need to moderation, because everything would be presaid/selected by KI workers.
  20. Soph's Avatar
    I totally agree although maze races in houses will be all ruined if this update happens. Faster mounts is useful but KI probably wants us to take longer because the people with subscription will take longer queering and KI will get more money.
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