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  1. Pet Hatching!

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    Hai! I know people already PM & VM me now.
    I'd just like to let everyone else know they can message me anytime for pets!
    I also share my pets on my Face - book so I manage 2 different sites of requests.
    You can easily find my wizard Face by searching my central name.

    I'm constantly uploading pets to my albums so if you don't see anything you like yet,
    look back any time & I might have newly made & updated
  2. Pets to Collect!

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    Just another pet list. ^-^
    Simpler list of which pets I need still.

    All done for now!

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  3. My Pets!

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    (Reworking on this).

    Hai there!
    I've seen people post their pet list here before.
    I'd like to keep track of which pets I've collected & still need!

    Color Code;

    Need to collect.
    Already collected.

    **If anyone still sees any I didn't list, please let me know!!

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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

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