1. Veg, Veg, Veg!

    The other day I saw people commenting they HAD to farm for gold still. Thought since hatching costs gold will tell you some tricks so you don't ever have to farm again.

    First off, GH is your new bestie. You want to farm couch potatoes. I average about 1-2 an hour, yet some days within 30 min have 5 of them as drops. Its kinda random; try one set of mobs within 7 turns no cp. Go to the next one etc; one of them will usually drop quicker than the others. Just a matter of finding which ...

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  2. Whale of a Tale

    Taking a break real quick from mid-term studying to add to this talk about easier pet hatching.

    This is a pattern I saw emerge to help get rid of a talent I did not want popping up. I call it the power of 3. Remember we would not know anything about talent dominance in pets to begin with if people were not able to recognize patterns. So this makes the leap very easy after that during projects you might find a pattern that emerges over and over so hey we just need to use that to further ...

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  3. Simply Irresistible

    "Once in a Blue Moon Hatches"

    I wanted to get this post in before school started, the rest will probably be me showing you a pattern I was able to see recreated time and time again with self hatching. What that means for you if your new to self hatching is I am showing you something that you won't have to learn on your own and how to fix it when it does pop up. Maybe if your a veteran hatcher its something you never picked up on. If its old news to you sorry :/
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  4. Recipes

    So let's end the beginning of talent dominance in this post. I think we can start on intermediate hatching and its all about patterns I have seen in pet projects and some work arounds if you get stuck. My only warning is if you apply those methods to anything but self hatching you are going to fail and fail miserably. They just don't cross over to group hatching so don't even try.

    You all might be asking yourself why does Erin not like groups and group hatching so much when she has ...
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  5. Elle The Elephant

    So you know how to make a talent dominated pet and I gave you ideals on O.o 10 talent base pet and a 5 talent mega pet. Let's go into the mechanics of actually making them just in case your not familiar with the process.

    1. A 5 talent mega pet.

    You use your wc pet and talent dominate 2 talents at a time. Raise your stats to whatever is your liking. So now you have pet A, B and C. Say you want them on something other than a wc pet at this point. I found these wc pets are ...

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