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  1. W101 Central Contests

    by , 2-15-13 at 11:09:34 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
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    W101Central has been the host of many contests throughout the years. There have been many prizes awarded and many good times have been had. Recently it seems that there has been a lack of interest in the recent contests. Now what I would like to know, is it the prizes that have not held your interest? Or is it the types of contests? If it is the latter, what kind of contests would you like to see in the future? What kinds of contests that have been run in the past have you enjoyed? Really looking
  2. Valentine Entry I found to be Amusing

    by , 2-12-13 at 10:47:04 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
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    Welp...I found it funny.
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  3. Classic Threads That Made Me Laugh

    by , 1-4-13 at 11:08:32 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    I was looking through my friends list and ran across a name I havent seen in some time. I remember this member well, and how funny he was. Here are a couple of classic threads from him, that always make me chuckle.

  4. Not getting any support/response from KingsIsle?

    by , 1-3-13 at 11:23:09 AM (Whatever is on my Mind)
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    I understand that some of you are experiencing frustrations with support and I'd like to discuss the process and some of the hurdles that may be involved.

    When players email us with messages like 'hey it's not working! FIX IT' there's not much we can go on to assist you. We don't know what account you're referencing, we don't know if you're having trouble with your computer, a quest, or something else altogether. This is when you'll receive a form response asking for more information.
  5. Azteca Announced!

    by , 10-24-12 at 3:17:37 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    Thanks to Drake for posting this
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    Wizard101 announced it on facebook that the new world will be Azteca!
    For more information... MMORPG did an article on the new world.

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