A wizards Progression!

Learn and have fun about my wizards progression in game!

  1. Perhaps the first percentage chance of retrieving Waterworks items?

    by , 11-30-11 at 4:48:45 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Me and my brother (Simon FireGem) have devised a system to try and get your waterworks items with a simple percentage chart. It is mixed with the UK and US... but on separate charts. I have asked people with some Waterworks gear on what attempt and fight they got the items from.

    On the UK server... according to Catherine SkyHammer she got Her Hat on the first go on Luska. the boots on her 4th go with Sylster. Still haven't got the robe sadly. So we can slot that on the persentage ...
  2. Using them golden seals....

    by , 11-30-11 at 4:37:59 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hey guys, before i get into detail, i got a really cool riddle for you. If you solve it i will reward the first correct answer with 15FG ;)

    Riddle: I am North South East West. Not a Compass. Not a Signpost. Not anything to do with direction. To find the destination for the Zamunda Outskirts monkey, you must choose one of three paths: The strong, the weak or the mighty path. Which path and direction would i choose to find the monkey... (It's virtually impossible, but its a challenge) ...
  3. Tres Trop... And whats the other one? Transcended?

    by , 11-26-11 at 2:28:35 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hey guys, I learnt how to speak french xD (NOT, well i do know a lot such as: Dans le salon, Il y a joue au basket)

    Starting off with a little quiz today, whats the 3rd verb in the tres trop series?


    Well, i think it means TRANSCENDED because my storm wizard has finished MIRROR lake and leveled up to level 70 at last! (Got sirens last night)

    Also, My bubby fire wizard NOW level 58, is on his way to the Celestian ...

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  4. Introducing my NEW WIZARD

    by , 11-22-11 at 1:44:20 PM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hi guys,

    James Earthgem is nearly done with Floating Land, i got kinda bored with defeating and collecting stuff, i decided to make a NEW WIZARD! He is a Ice wizard (Level 2 currently) and is called: Duncan Earthgem.

    Hope to see you around,

    J. EG


    James - level 53 - Floating land - Celestia
    Duncan - Level 2 - Unicorn way - Wizard City

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  5. A Warm Welcome To Zafaria!

    by , 11-18-11 at 11:42:13 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hello Guys!

    Zafaria came out on Live Realm, a few of my friends are all ready transcended! (My questing buddy is level 61 and im level 51)


    My level 70 friends allowed me to have sneak peek access in MIRROR LAKE!
    Very hard, Very challenging! In the end - I was awarded with lots of mega snacks, some level 68 stuff and a level up (51)

    Updated 11-18-11 at 11:42:34 AM by James Earthgem

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