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  1. Perhaps the first percentage chance of retrieving Waterworks items?

    by , 11-30-11 at 4:48:45 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Me and my brother (Simon FireGem) have devised a system to try and get your waterworks items with a simple percentage chart. It is mixed with the UK and US... but on separate charts. I have asked people with some Waterworks gear on what attempt and fight they got the items from.

    On the UK server... according to Catherine SkyHammer she got Her Hat on the first go on Luska. the boots on her 4th go with Sylster. Still haven't got the robe sadly. So we can slot that on the persentage ...
  2. The official James Earthgem Tracker!

    by , 11-15-11 at 3:47:25 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Current status: [COLOR="Red"]Offline[/COLOR]
    Location: N/A
    Previous Location: The Grotto
    Realm: N/A
    Previous realm: Wu


    Current status: [COLOR="Red"]TEST IS OFFLINE[/COLOR]
    location: N/A
    Previous location: N/A
    Realm: N/A
    Previous realm: N/A

    Updated 11-18-11 at 11:39:01 AM by James Earthgem

  3. Its a walkthrough!

    by , 4-20-11 at 7:04:15 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CulPvzOFPEE"]YouTube - Ice 1[/ame]

  4. Recent differences!

    by , 4-18-11 at 3:38:08 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hi guys :)

    Back to blogging here for a moment.

    I just noticed ANOTHER difference between the UK and the US server!

    Us server has to have activated their account for subscribe, playing acess and full chat.

    Uk servers dont need to activate their account for any of that!!! Only for subscription and newsletters.

    So it is actually worth playing on the UK server too :) full chat as soon as you join :D

    PS - James ...
  5. James Earthgem tracker!

    by , 4-17-11 at 9:32:09 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Wizard101 charictor: James Earthgem
    Status: [COLOR=lime]ONLINE[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Previous realm: N/A[/COLOR]
    Current realm: Gamma
    Previous location: N/A
    Current location: The Commons

    If you find me: Im legendary pyromancer badge title, i have the ice wand that does 120 dam. I have 15 resist to ice + storm, and my critical rating for fire is 140 or 146.

    Also shout out Earthgem, its (YOUR NAME) from central.

    Then i ...

    Updated 4-18-11 at 6:29:20 AM by James Earthgem

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