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Amber is my first wizard and the writer of many of the blog entries.. Opilia are entries that I wrote, Suri is entries that my next character will write...

Hatchable Pets is where you can find out about all my pets that are of age to hatch.

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  1. Most crazy thing you have ever been reported for

    by , 7-31-11 at 9:29:52 AM (Diary of a girl)
    I got reported today when I was AFK, spinning in the shopping district glitch. That's the glitch where you can stand behind the wall near the edge. This is the chat I saw when I got back.

    [B]Guy: Hey girl[/B]
    [B]Guy: Hey, can I go there?[/B]
    [B]Guy: HEY GIRL![/B]
    [B]Guy: You cheating! [/B]
    [B]*some other random people talk*[/B]
    [B]Guy: Either let me over there or DEATH[/B]
    [B]Guy: fine, death[/B]
    [B]Guy: I reported you! Cheater![/B]
    [B]Guy: ...
  2. CL and WT

    by , 7-24-11 at 3:49:12 PM (Diary of a girl)
    So I'm going back to work on CL today. I can't say I'm excited about it. I don't have any pets, spells, or XP left to earn, I'm at the top level, I almost can't do CL since it seems to have so little incentive for me to do so. Even the gear isn't that great of an incentive since I have the gear I want, most of which came from the Dragon hoard, and sultan's palace... and the stuff from Wintertusk sells for so much more!

    Wintertusk is great, I spend about an hour or so farming the ravens ...
  3. Garden

    by , 7-22-11 at 2:26:03 PM (Diary of a girl)
    I've been experiementing a lot between gardening. I'm not trying to get a huge circle of plants, but I do want a few good clumps. I've decided on 14 prickly bear catus ... 4 fickle pickles, and three deadly fly traps. I'll probably plant one more fly trap because it's easy to get four plants in a med spell range. The problem with them is that they have a ton of needs, this means that if you're going to plant them it makes more sense to have at least three of them in one range...

  4. Getting Comfortable

    by , 7-18-11 at 5:42:10 PM (Diary of a girl)
    Amber Mistdreamer

    A Home of my own
    I am lucky to own several homes, depending on what I'm trying to do. My main home is my favorite place in the whole spiral! It's such a relaxing and comfortable place. I love it so much I even put it in the Wizard Weekly Homes and Gardens.
    It would be really awesome to be able to be showcased as I came up with the theme of my home from watching the first episode of Wizard Weekly. I watched it and I thought to ...

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    by , 7-10-11 at 10:45:46 AM (Diary of a girl)
    (This entry was written during the fight that brought me to legendary. but I finally have my first legendary character! The first character I made, Amber, a balance wizard, is now the best that she can be!)

    Dear Suri,
    Guess what I have? I have a flying carpet mount! Woot! I really REALLY want the fairy wings, but I don't have enough CROWNS right now. I wish they had a trade in for gold, I would die to get those wings ... lol. The carpet is so much fun though! It's like riding ...
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