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  1. Sorrow and Despair

    All of you should know about Wisps by now, or Chandelier, or Angel Sky.
    He had died in the worst way possible, and suffered a unfortunate fate. Something most people cannot understand, something that no one should deal with.

    He had been a victim of one of the worlds greatest evils.


    Depression is a terrible feeling. You live your life full of despair, sorrow and rage, a feeling of newfound hopelessness and lack of interest things once enjoyed.
  2. Art Resources and Advice #17 - Visual Library + Livestreams

    The two very different topics do go sorta hand-in-hand. This is a great video btw.

    So. YES. Visual libraries. I've been watching a lot of Sycra's past livestreams and some of Seage Speak's livestreams. They have a lot of golden art info in them-they're very long but they're worth listening to(not watching although it's entertaining).

    The guy who made the video above is in the gaming field, so he knows what he's talking ...
  3. Life Project Part 5

    Ok. After receiving Rex (Prince Jake + King Scout) I decided to go back and reinforce talents as usual.

    The product was Baby Bailey. 1 Hatch: 0 Fails/1 Success.

    One more hatch to reinforce and get the stats back up to close to what they were before. So here I hatched Rex with ...

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  4. 140 pairs of shoes

    so it's been another month. you can probably not guess what that means.
    no? yes? maybe?
    probably not? yea that's ok i dunno either.
    i don't actually have 140 pairs of shoes this is just my 140th blog post, which is really sad honestly. i don't really have anything planned. there's an old 200 q's from two years ago that i did that i wanna do again to compare side-by-side how much i've changed/not changed in the past couple years. that'll be below all this rambling if you wanna read ...
  5. A message

    by , 7-29-14 at 1:16 AM (Adventures of an Aspie and a Writer)
    I can assure you, this is exactly what I want to do.

    As a man gets more and more involved in the community, he gains friends and allies. When there's realization that these 'friends and allies' in the community have been going behind his back, that's when you know for sure things are going wrong.

    While it has not been me being backstabbed (If I'm even aware of it, at this point), I've been having friends who have been and actively are. I'm unappreciative of this kind of ...