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  1. Valerian SeaSong- Day 5

    by , 8-29-15 at 4:12:42 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I'm starting to experience the deathly accuracy of storm spells while fighting in Golem Tower. If I can just get my hands on better gear with better accuracy it won't be so bad. I found a dragon with May Cast Sprite in my shared bank which has helped this royal pain of a tower. The lowest amount I have reached is 45 in this tower. I need to find some people willing to mix pets with me and fast.

    I died once trying to get to the Iron Golem, I must say this is the funnest thing going for ...
  2. That time I said I would update this ....

    by , 8-29-15 at 1:00:56 PM (The World of Insanity)
    But I didn't xD Big surprise lol. Any who, a lot has happened since my last post. I started university and I just finished my first week. It's pretty nice so far. Nothing too crazy, except for Friday. I have five classes, two in the morning and two in the afternoon that are each ten minutes apart from each other. Needless to say, I get quite a bit of fast walking in on Friday. I (somehow) made it into the top wind ensemble as first chair on euphonium and I'm not even a music major. Which I think ...
  3. Valerian SeaSong - Day 4

    by , 8-26-15 at 12:09:11 AM (Beautiful Chaos)
    This is exciting news, I'm working on my Halloween costumes early on all my wizards. As the semester wears on I won't have enough time to do anything until last minute for all my characters. Before I go onto explain my Halloween costume ideas for my wizards I shall introduce... [insert drum roll here]

    Valerian SeaSong!

    This is my new and improved Storm Wizard. He is currently level 5. I have finished up Unicorn Way and then it will be time for Golem Tower! In one of my ...
  4. Who Am I?

    Hello, and welcome to my blog, Moonlight Melody. Those who have browsed my blog posts before may notice that majority of them are erased from existence. I did that because I feel my writing skills have improved since the year before and I felt that some of my old posts were cringe-worthy to my eyes. However, I have kept a few of them up if you really want to read the surviving ones.

    This post here is mainly a re-introduction. I am restarting my blog, basically, after nearly a full year
  5. Jason LifeSong - Day 3

    by , 8-22-15 at 9:37:40 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    Jason LifeSong, is my life wizard, I know I'm so original. I worked on this character a little bit last night. He is named Jason because it means healing and warrior in Greek mythology. He has a Life Minotaur named Baby Simbah.

    I'm working on finishing up Wizard City up to Firecat Alley on all my noobs so I can focus on Gardening, Pets, and Fishing. I'm going to take notes here too so I can remind myself of my goals and such. Sorry guys I'm a Crowns Player and I hope you guys don't ...