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  1. Where have all the manner gone?

    Pets are awesome. I didn't realize the value of a good pet until I started doing Mirror Lake runs, and seeing everyone's pets healing them. They never had to shield, or drink potions. With that, I set out to get my first pet with Spritely on it! Fastforward many months, and I have amassed a decent collection of pets with some decent talent pools. I owe these great pets to many, many people, so I always eager to 'pay-it-forward'. I especially love helping people whose pets are, by most standards, ...
  2. Getting to know Myth

    Myth. The current 'third wheel' of the spiral. The least often picked guy for the team. Probably the reason I am most drawn to it right now. I am always rooting for the underdog. I enjoy being the black sheep. I am embrace deviating from what is most popular. Well, Myth is just that! Who can blame most people? Myth is a bit of an odd school. One that is challenging to play, especially at higher levels. My Myth guy is currently at level 24, and I must say, I am quite enjoying him!
  3. National Cat Day

    Today is National Cat Day!

    ^educational video somewhat. Learn some different breeds!

    I like cats. So this is a good day!
    I want a munchkin cat.

    Completely off topic ramblings-

    I have so much to dooo..... I need to carve a pumpkin.
    I got come $1 carving supplies. idk if they will work.
    Inktober is almost over! Been doing it every day! c:
  4. Staggered Gardening

    Staggered gardening. What is it? No, it's not 'stacked gardening' (although I do love stacking!), it is the practice of planting the same seeds, in the same plot, at different times. This came as a result of being energy limited, as well as space limited (gold and treasure cards). I got tired of losing gold mid-harvest or having to run to the bazaar to sell treasure cards. Worse, I was often having to spend crowns to buy an energy elixir to plant my full garden of EMP's, KP's, etc. All these ...

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  5. Possible Marleybone Update (L100 dungeon!)

    I think it will end up DEFINITELY being a new dungeon, similar to Tart...
    Quote Originally Posted by lenoragoldblossom View Post
    Wizard101 has posted another mysterious Vine, I saw they shared it on facebook. It looks like a new Marleybonian cat surely related to the Marleybonian building we saw in the last ''gangnam style'' vine!
    I can't post the vine but here's a picture!
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    What does all this mean, a new dungeon in MB? Maybe our next adventure starts off in Mb, maybe we will even meet the