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  1. Art Resource and Advice #16 - Developing characters

    I've been roaming around youtube a lot and hopped around from anatomy to character design. I landed on one of Mark Crilley's video on character design:

    I liked it how he said that it's okay and sometimes good for you to not stick to your first design.

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    So I've been in a slump lately, so I just drew something cute. (above first design) And I decided to develop her.
  2. Life Project Part 3: Breaking the Rules and a Possible Change in Direction

    I guess I will say where I broke the rules... Basically there must be a significant stat boost and 3/5 talents must be in the gene pool in order to train.

    All of my Blue + King Riley hatches have been fails thus far (all 11 of them). When I checked my bag however I noticed one unicorn, and after seeing that it had 4 stats maxed after the hatch, I decided to train it even though it didn't "pass the test" to be trained.

    Here she is, Queen Peanut (only 2 of 5 desired ...

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  3. Look Past...

    See that girl you just pushed? She is also teased and mocked daily by other bullies and pushed into lockers, and overall miserable.

    See the boy that smiles but always sits alone? He hides his emotions, though he is depressed and lonely and is having a bad day, and you worsened it by bullying him and calling him names, all in his complete despair and desperate need of a friend.

    The girl that seems to be annoying? She holds part of herself back, fearful of rejection, and
  4. Labyrinth

    As angry as the truculent sea,
    Sorrowful as can be,
    Living in bouts of distress and feeling of indifference,
    It seems as if the world is now just a bleak place,
    People always looked at you as if you were a alien,
    And really, you begin to wonder, are you really normal?

    Never shared the same interests, always of a different humor,
    It felt as if you were on your own different planet,
    The one called your mind,
    Separated from everyone else, ...
  5. Friends

    I find sharing feelings hard, its always been that way. I am kinda losing interest for the first time in wizzy. I know I will be leaving to go back to work soon, just not the exact date. I will be commuting so I have no clue what hours I may be in game or what days. I figure I will be like one of those people I have met in wizzy. You see them all the time then one day its like they vanish and your like wow what happened to them? You might see them occasionally but for whatever reason you guys are ...

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