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  1. Puppet

    Another fallacy,
    Deception had been all she had ever known,
    She had been played like a puppet, dancing to the tune,
    Their friendship was all a lie,
    And she never wanted to know why.
  2. Born of Darkness

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Its not her fault she was born with this!"
    "You are all so blind!"

    The plethora of shouts continued endlessly, and though some people defended her, the other screams only felt like a punch to her heart, each and every single one.

    She began to sob, tears streaming down her face, her eyes becoming bloodshot and her vision blurred. How much more could she take?

  3. Wizard Smiles to Katie Moonflame

    by , 9-18-14 at 10:40 PM (The Chronicles of Me)
    Quote Originally Posted by Katie MoonFlame View Post
    I'd like to say thank you to @mary rainbowgem for being so awesome! She's a great friend, and I love that! -Hug-
    Omg, my eyes welled up with tears when I read this. Thank you so so so so much to the incredible @Katie MoonFlame for being such an awesome friend. Idk what I would do without you! X hug x
  4. You are worth it!

    by , 9-17-14 at 8:32 PM (stargazing;;)
    Feel like you are fat? It might just be implanted into your brain by society! In my opinion, there are a lot of commercials and ads and magazines like 'instant abs' 'quick way to lose weight' and 'flat tummy' 'and 'lose weight... in your sleep!' 'ok, we're cheaters... the quick way to toned legs!" and I think this might trigger some people! You might be quick to scold yourself for inching your hand towards that slice of cake or 'overindulging' in your opinion and praise yourself for eating ...
  5. Quit Wizard101 again..

    I've quit wizard101 and won't be playing anymore for quite awhile, I've been playing Pokemon instead and dealing with life and family, I'll still be on central though and see if something exciting happens, despite quitting I will maybe go on the game for gardening for 5 minutes and have my maze up in house tours, that's all I would do. I have no friends to talk to anymore on the game because they are busy and some have quit to, no reason to stay on the game anymore with my reasons. Not sure when ...