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The 12 Days of the Spiral

Dec 07, 2018 - 11:06 AM - by lukin
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Celebrate the holiday festivities over the next couple of weeks. Click the link to see what KI has in store for you this year.

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2018 Central Holiday Contests! Chance to win crowns, bundles, mounts and more!

Dec 16, 2018 - 10:03 PM - by lukin
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Come join us for some holiday fun and prizes. Throughout the month staff will be hosting various contests for you to try and win some amazing prizes. Crowns, bundles and more are the treats.

*Holiday Tournament Idea with @CelestialMoon 12/17-12/24

*Design W101 Holiday Slippers with @Willowdreamer

*Guess How Many with @lukin 12/18-12/30

*Dorm Decorating with @Icy Witch

*Caption Contest with @Icy Witch

*Fishing Contest
with @Mercy

*Holiday Gear Scrambler PvP
Low Level
Middle Level
Top Level

*Hoiday Pet Derby with @Vanessa Mythdust and @Caspeen


and more!!

Thanks to:
@CelestialMoon for the graphics @Jester and Olivia for a place to call home and allow us to host these contests @Sparck and KI for the awesome prizes. If there currently isnt a date listed, check back as they will be added soon.
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Four Derby Tournaments Need Participants!

Oct 22, 2018 - 2:06 PM - by Vanessa Mythdust
Want to learn more about derby and compete against some of the best? Whether you're a racing veteran or completely new to the track, Wizard101 Central offers several tournaments to showcase your skills. Check out four tournaments below that are in need of participants!

5th First Gen Teen:
This competitive tournament is only open to first generation TEEN pets. The top 3 will receive crowns! You can join HERE.

5th First Gen Adult
: This competitive tournament is only open to first generation ADULT pets. The top 3 will receive crowns! You can join HERE.

3rd Multi Epic: This format puts you up against 3 other racers. You'll have to race wisely if you want to snag one of the top three spots and win crowns! You can join HERE.

2nd Jr. Ancient: This tournament is only open to people who have NOT won a derby tournament before. It's an Ancient pet only competition and the winner will receive crowns! You can join HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or Caspeen. Good luck and have fun!

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Test Realm Is Open: Empyrea Part 2

Oct 18, 2018 - 8:45 PM - by lukin
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Discussions can be found here

Test Realm Notes:

Empyrea Part 2 Now on the Test Realm!
We are excited to let wizards across the Spiral get a first-look at what’s coming for Empyrea Part 2! Today we are opening the Test Realm on weekdays for all wizards with a subscription or a new minimum purchase of Crowns (within the last 30 days). There will be a red ‘Sneak Peek’ image in the upper right corner of the official website that lets you know where to download the game client.

For new players, the Test Realm is where we get your feedback on issues and concerns with new game updates before we officially release them to the live servers. Since we are currently testing Empyrea Part 2, you will need to have completed Empyrea Part 1 before being able to access the new content.

Note: Actions on the Test Realm, including making purchases, will not affect your Live account.

Empyrea Part 2 - The thrilling conclusion to the 3rd story arc!

Bartleby is withering and Mellori the Raven-child struggles to hang on to life. To save them, the Wizard must embrace an ancient destiny, fight the evil schemes of Shadow, and venture to the farthest reaches of Empyrea... and beyond! All the while, the final conflict between Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider looms, threatening to destroy all of creation.

Can the remaining two Paradox Chains be saved? Can the Wizard really hope to stand in the way of not one but two cosmic forces? Can Order and Chaos be reconciled? Find out in this exciting conclusion to our Empyrea story and arc 3 of Wizard101!

You need to have completed the “Only Mostly Dead” quest and reach level 125. You will then be eligible to get the quest “Of Note” from Fitzhume in the Arcanum to enter Empyrea Part 2. From there, all of the update changes below are at your fingertips to test with us!

  • Level cap increased to 130
  • Gold cap increased to 525,000
  • New level 130 henchmen
  • New level 125 jewels for socketing
  • New level 130 PvP gear and other powerful equipment to obtain
  • New PvE gear and weapons to obtain
  • New pets to obtain from wandering bosses

New tree-themed ranked spells

This time around, you do not speak to a trainer to learn your new spell. You earn it during the quest “Finally Growing Into It.” There isn’t a specific level requirement on this quest, but you must be level 125 to start the quest chain that leads you here.

Rank 12! All of the following spells currently cost 12 Pips and are single target:

  • Scion of Fire: Does 1300 Fire Damage regularly. Does double (2600) damage if the target you are attacking has 2+ Damage over times on them. If hit for 2600 damage, the DoTs on your target will be cleared.
  • Scion of Ice: Does 1185 Ice Damage regularly. Does double (2370) damage if YOU, the caster, have FULL Health.
  • Scion of Storm: Does 1380 Damage regularly. Does double (2760) damage if the Target has 75% or greater Health
  • Scion of Myth: Does 1260 Damage regularly. Does double (2525) damage if the Target is stunned OR YOU have at least 2 Stun Blocks. Removes all Stun Blocks from YOU when done and double dmg is dealt. Note: The spell will actually remove 2 wards (any wards, shields etc.) This is a known issue and we will fix as soon as we can.
  • Scion of Life: HEALS 1315 regularly. Does double (2630) healing if the target is 25% health or LESS
  • Scion of Death: DRAINS 1040 regularly. Does double (2080) drain if the target is 33% health or LESS. Note: Drain will Heal YOU for ½ the damage dealt.
  • Scion of Balance: Does 1225 Damage regularly. Does double (2450) if YOU have 6 or more Blades. Removes ALL blades if double condition is met.

An exciting new minigame in Empyrea: Introducing Whirlyburly!

The Whirlyburly kiosk is located in Velo City. Anyone that can access the zone has access to the game. There are instructions on the kiosk if you want to get started early. The quest that introduces you to Whirlyburly is called “When the Whirlyburly’s Done”.

Whirlyburly vendors will have rewards to purchase once you have won enough matches.

Other Updates

  • New crafting recipes located in Nimbus Citadel
  • New housing items, equipment, accessories, and weapons to craft!
  • NPC Romar has equipment and accessories
  • NPC Verrin has housing items
  • NPC Syvar sells shop reagents

A special vendor will be selling a reagent that drops from the final boss in Test Realm only. This npc will be removed before test server ends.

  • New quests are available when you make it to Day 12 of your Daily Assignment rewards!
  • New Photomancy decals and quests
  • 20 new Photomancy decals!
  • Talk to Annie Shutterbug to get the Photomancy quest "Spiral Photographic." There is no level requirement, only that you have completed the previous Photomancy quest.
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes

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Next KI Live, Oct. 25th, 4 pm Central time

Oct 18, 2018 - 8:00 PM - by AluraMist
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From the Wizard101 page:

Next week's KI Live has been announced!

Come celebrate Pirate101's 6th Anniversary with us this Oct. 25 at 4pm Central!

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2018 Central Halloween Contests! Win Crowns, Bundles and more! Click for more info!

Oct 07, 2018 - 8:53 PM - by lukin
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Come join us for some spooktacular fun and prizes. Throughout the month staff will be hosting various contests for you to try and win some amazing prizes. Crowns, bundles and more are the treats.

Name:  bat-top.png
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*Short Story Contest with @CelestialMoon 10/19-10/26

*Word Search with @Willowdreamer 10/21-10/28

*Guess How Many with @lukin 10/10-10/30

*Skeleton Wiki Contest with @RedValkyre99 10/17-10/24

Dorm Decorating Contest with @~Kestrel~ 10/7-10/14

Halloween Havoc PvP
Low Level
Middle Level
Top Level

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and more!!

Thanks to:
@CelestialMoon for the graphics @Jester and Olivia for a place to call home and allow us to host these contests @Sparck and KI for the awesome prizes

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Wizard101 10th Birthday winners!

Oct 01, 2018 - 1:01 AM - by Jester
The winners of our Wizard101 10th Birthday are as follows:

greenTommy, mariona266, leo2305
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